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EK-Pro CPU WB 1700 – Nickel + Inox

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EK-Pro CPU WB 1700 – Nickel + Inox

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7,150 THB

EK-Pro CPU WB 1700 – Nickel + Inox


The EK-Pro CPU WB 1700 – Nickel + Inox is a dedicated enterprise-grade water block specifically developed for Intel® LGA 1700 socket-based processors. The EK-Pro CPU WB 1700 – Nickel + Inox water block features a total of two standard G1/4″ threaded ports located on the top of the water block and is intended for desktop PCs, workstations, and taller server racks.

EK-Pro CPU water block for LGA 1700 socket

Featuring a high-flow cooling engine and a dense microfin design, this CPU block ensures efficient cooling, even for the overclocked Intel Core™ i9-13900K processor.

This enterprise cooling solution is built with performance, reliability, serviceability, and no compromises in mind. This water block meets these demands with top thermal performance and unparalleled connectivity, making it the perfect choice for liquid cooling high-density computing systems.

A Variant of the EK-Quantum Velocity² Cooling Engine

This CPU water block features a variant of the EK-Quantum Velocity² cooling engine specifically designed for Intel LGA 1700 socket processors, with optimized mounting pressure and cold plate geometry. Thanks to its low hydraulic flow restriction, it's ideal for setups with weaker water pumps or lower pump speeds.

The cold plate is meticulously engineered to cover the CPU's integrated heat spreader (IHS) and apply pressure to the die area. The acetal top efficiently channels the coolant towards the jet plate, promoting enhanced liquid turbulence and directing it into the central microfin stack of the cold plate. Consequently, the liquid bifurcates to both sides and goes back out, facilitating optimal flow and cooling for the CPU die. This is further enhanced by its direct positioning beneath the middle of the cold plate, allowing maximum cooling effectiveness.

EK-Pro CPU water block for LGA 1700 socket

The EK-Pro CPU WB 1700 – Nickel + Inox water block features a precisely machined copper base (coldplate) made from the purest copper available on the market and is treated with nickel electroplating. The top is CNC machined from durable black POM Acetal, and the hold-down bracket is made of laser-cut stainless steel.

This water block features a pre-assembled mounting mechanism directly attached to its metal mounting bracket, designed to prevent errors during installation. Four spring-loaded screws guarantee optimal hold-down pressure, ensuring a perfect installation and optimal performance without the need for guesswork.

Intel® CPU socket compatibility:

- LGA 1700


- EK-Pro CPU WB 1700 - Ni + Inox Water Block
- 1x EK plug G 1/4”
- EK-Loop Multi Allen Key (6mm, 8mm, 9mm)
- 1x Torx T30 Key - 1x 5mm Allen Key
- Thermal grease (1g)

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